High Risk Credit Card Processing Merchant Account with Affordable Fees

If your business has been identified as a high-risk business, you may be struggling to find high risk credit card processing that is affordable.

Businesses are identified as high-risk businesses for a range of reasons, and it can make it difficult to find a processing company that will process your credit card payments because of the designation.

Why Your Business May Be Considered High Risk?

There are a few flags that will make a credit card processing company determine your business as a high-risk business including:

  • The nature of your industry
  • The nature of your clientele
  • The products that you sell
  • The services you provide
  • A higher risk of fraud
  • A higher risk of charge backs

Any of the above reasons of a combination of the above can mean getting rejected for a merchant account.

When You Are Rejected

In the event you are rejected by traditional merchant account processors there is a solution.

Traditional processors are difficult to work with, they either give you a yay or a nay, but don’t give up.

There is a way that you can open a merchant account with a trusted processor so that you can continue or start to take credit card payments for your customers.

You may have to provide a little more information to clear you to open a merchant account, but it is well worth the little bit of extra work.

Who Can You Connect With?

There is a company that specializes in merchant services to companies that have been identified as high-risk.

Blue Wave Merchant Solutions is the company to connect with when you are searching for high risk credit card processing merchant account with affordable fees.

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