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About Blue Wave Merchant Solutions

Blue Wave Merchant Solutions provides credit card processing solutions with a focus on high risk accounts. With over a decade of industry experience, we are dedicated to providing hard to place merchants with a secure home for all of their processing needs.

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How We Help High-Risk Businesses

We work directly with a number of banks that have an appetite for approving all types of merchants who do not qualify with traditional processors. As a front runner in the alternative merchant processing space we specialize in collectively helping you navigate the many sided industry of high risk banking, offering you the convenience and speed that every hard to place merchant account needs in order to run at maximum capacity.

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Our Success is Based on Our Commitment to You, the Merchant.

We continuously strive to be the best in our field, and we look to provide you with the
superior customer service and technical support you deserve.

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Discover the Best High-Risk Merchant Solution

Are you considered a “hard to place” business? We specialize in High Risk Merchant Accounts by offering an array of services that tailor to all businesses, domestic and international.


Blue Wave Merchant Solutions Knows What You Need to Succeed

Blue Wave Merchant Solutions has developed a strong reputation for providing reliable high-risk merchant services. We can easily review and analyze your business model and package your file present it to our numerous direct banking relationships domestic and internationally for a simple boarding process. Just because you have been identified as high risk for a merchant account, it doesn’t mean that your business has to suffer.

Fast Approval

Blue Wave Merchant Solutions offers a proven platform for high-risk merchant accounts. We can provide approvals to high-risk or medium-risk businesses within 24 hours. Get your business up and running with a payment processing solution fast. We provide approval to over 95% of those that apply so it is very little risk to try!

Great Customer Service

Our high risk merchant account customer support can deliver ongoing assistance with your payment processing needs. Through offering attentive customer service we can deliver the answers when you need them.

Reliable Security

Security is also a very big part of our business. With our advanced team of industry experts, we can also provide extremely flexible services for our clients. With the ability to fully customize services to your needs and to your business model directly, you can get the most competitive rates and ensure that your payment processing solution matches with your business model.

Reasonable Merchant Account Fees

Our company deals with some of the largest financial institutions to find reasonable merchant account fees for your high-risk merchant account. We can identify the solutions which will be best for your brand. Working with banks that can save you money on payment processing merchant account fees is Blue Wave Merchant Solutions’ main priority.

Hands-On Consulting

As well as a commitment to helping our clients achieve award winning payment processing services, we work with merchants to provide ongoing and personalized consulting with their business. We can help to make sure that you are staying on track with your business model and adhering to the standards of your brand.

Grow Your Business with Ease

With reliable payment processing featuring secure standards outlined by the top credit card companies, we can deliver reliable payment processing for your business. No matter what industry you are in, our high-risk specialists can help you to grow your business by finally offering dependable payment processing solutions. Take your business online, internationally or receive a retail terminal for your physical retail location.

Blue Wave Merchant Solutions has built a firm reputation in the Merchant Services Industry. With decades of industry experience in the merchant processing space, our team of consultants has the banking partnerships and industry know-how to ensure your high-risk business is set up seamlessly.

Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or an existing business with multiple MIDS, Blue Wave Merchant Solutions offers a wide range of vertical markets and services to serve merchants of any size within the United States and abroad. 

You can count on Blue Wave Merchant Solutions’ expansive knowledge and expertise in the High-Risk Merchant Services arena to help your company grow and blossom.

The foundation of Blue Wave Merchant Solutions’ success is its commitment to providing its merchants with superior, personalized consulting for their business. Blue Wave is a company that strives to provide good customer service and specializes in tailored solutions for your specific business models needs. Our commitment is to be attentive and professional, offering effective and timely solutions to our clients. As a leader in the High-Risk Merchant Account space, we will set the standards that all others will try to attain.

We are committed to providing our clients with the most advanced Security available today, PCI Compliance is enforced by the credit card issuer companies, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB International.

As a Blue Wave merchant, you have a team of data security experts ready to advise you, keep you informed of data security requirements, and offer recommendations on how our solutions can help you meet them accordingly.

With our primary focus being Hard to Place Merchants, we pride ourselves in our ability to customize our services to suit the needs of your specific business model. The result is getting the proper material over to the bank’s underwriters for review, analyzing your file, and placing you with the most competitive rates and suitable processor that fits your unique business models needs.

Our objective at Blue Wave Merchant Solutions is to offer innovative services to “Hard to Approve” Merchants in an ever-changing marketplace.

We have always believed in the power of opportunity and this is why the Blue Wave Merchant Solutions staff remains so passionate about helping individuals and businesses who have been identified as a “Hard to Approve” Merchant. We believe that anyone should have the chance to let their business take off and serve their clients needs.

With our decades of experience and understanding of the challenges facing High-Risk businesses today, we assure you that we are a strategic partner focused on our banking relationships, chargeback mitigation solutions, fraud protection tools, and secure payment gateways to help your company succeed and process transactions with the highest level of security available.

Whether you require domestic or offshore merchant accounts or you have been labeled as high-risk, let our team of consultants help with credit card processing, check processing, payment gateways, chargeback management services, and more.

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