Easy Eligibility for High Risk Merchant Account Processing

Many businesses that are determined to be high-risk struggle with finding the right high-risk merchant account processing.

Every business, regardless of the industry, must be able to accept credit cards to be successful.

Most consumers simply do not deal in cash anymore. Unfortunately, if you cannot accept their credit cards, they just go to your competitors that do accept that type of payment.

The Eligibility

Most merchant processing companies have a scoring system that they use to determine a merchant’s eligibility to open a merchant account.

Unfortunately, your eligibility does not have a lot to do with your credit or your businesses credit.

It has to do with your potential client base, the industry, the products or services that you offer and the risk of higher than average charge backs or fraud.

You Can Be Denied

Many new business owners do not realize that you can be denied for merchant account processing!

It does seem counter intuitive that you can be denied for a service that you pay for. You can be, and many merchants are denied for services.

What does being denied for a merchant account mean? It means that:

  • You cannot accept card payments
  • You will lose a chunk of business
  • Customers will have less faith in your business as being an authentic and trustworthy business

Nothing good comes from being denied for merchant account services.

High-Risk Merchant Account Processing

Before you throw in the towel you should contact Blue Wave Merchant Solutions, they have the high-risk merchant account services that are easier to qualify for and they make the services affordable.

Learn more about the services today and how you can qualify for dependable merchant processing.

There is help available so that you can accept cards as payment!


We Offer Credit Card Processing for Hard to Approve Merchants

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