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Blue Wave Merchant Solutions Dual Pricing Program allows businesses to eliminate their processing costs, thus increasing profits.
Sell $100 in products or services and receive $100, regardless of the customer’s payment method.

Can it be that simple?

Yes! Our Dual Pricing Program provides customers with the choice of cash or card payments at the point of sale. Offset the rising cost of accepting payments by passing processing fees to your customers. They pay how they’d like, and you save money with every sale.


The Dual Pricing technology is built into a terminal, so you and your employees can implement the program quickly – no additional work required. Once your new terminal arrives, simply post the included signage that states:

Mobile payment sent and received
Cash in shopping cart

Customer Pricing Notice

We offer customers both a card price and a discounted cash price.

Customer Pricing Notice

Help us cut costs and you save money!

What is the cash discount program?

The Cash Discount Program is a strategic approach for merchants to significantly reduce or eliminate fees associated with accepting credit cards. In this program, the costs related to credit card transactions are shared with the individual cardholder making the payment using their credit or debit card. To implement this, a Service Fee, typically around 3.99%, is applied to each transaction that is not paid for with cash or check. This fee helps offset the merchants expenses, allowing them to pass on savings to customers who choose alternative payment methods. It’s an innovative solution to enhance cost efficiency in payment processing.
Discover significant savings with our innovative Cash Discount Program, designed to empower merchants by minimizing or even eliminating credit card acceptance fees.
Experience the benefits of cost-sharing, as we allocate expenses related to credit card transactions to the individual cardholder. Embrace efficiency with a nominal 3.99% Service Fee applied to transactions not settled in cash or check. Imagine, just $1.99 on a $50 transaction! Elevate your business with our tailored payment solutions.

How does it work?
The Cash Discount Program operates by redistributing the costs associated with credit card transactions between merchants and customers. 

Here’s how it typically works:

Service Fee Application: Merchants apply a Service Fee, often around 3.99%, to transactions that are not settled with cash or check.

Discount for Cash Payments: To encourage cash transactions,
merchants offer a discount to customers who choose to pay with cash. This discount offsets the Service Fee and provides an incentive for cash payments.

Payment Processing: When a customer uses a credit or debit card, the Service Fee is applied, contributing to covering the merchants processing costs.
Cash or Check Transactions: Customers paying with cash or check are exempt from the Service Fee, allowing them to enjoy the full benefit of the discount.
Legal Compliance: It’s essential for merchants to adhere to legal and regulatory guidelines when implementing a Cash Discount Program, ensuring transparency and compliance with payment processing regulations.

By implementing this program, merchants can optimize their payment processing costs while offering customers flexibility and incentives for alternative payment methods. Keep in mind that specific details may vary, and merchants should communicate the program clearly to customers to ensure transparency and understanding.
Who takes advantage?

The Cash Discount Program is versatile and can be advantageous for various types of businesses, especially those seeking to optimize their payment processing expenses. 

Here are some examples of businesses that can benefit from implementing a Cash Discount Program:

Retailers: Brick-and-mortar stores, whether small businesses or larger retail chains, can benefit from the program by encouraging cash transactions and minimizing credit card processing fees.

Restaurants: Dining establishments, cafes, and other food service businesses can leverage the Cash Discount Program to manage transaction costs and incentivize customers to pay with cash.

Service Providers: Businesses providing services, such as salons, spas, or repair
services, can find value in the program by offering a discount for cash payments.

Professional Services: Professionals like lawyers, accountants, and consultants can implement the Cash Discount Program to optimize payment processing in their practice.

Healthcare Providers: Medical offices, clinics, and healthcare providers can benefit from cost savings by encouraging cash or check payments through this program.

Event Merchants: Businesses involved in event planning, ticketing, or merchandise sales at events can use the Cash Discount Program to manage payment processing costs during events.

Small businesses: Small businesses across various industries can take advantage of the program to enhance their bottom line and offer customers flexibility in payment methods.
It’s important for businesses considering this program to evaluate its compatibility with their specific operations, customer base, and regulatory environment.

Additionally, clear communication with customers about the program’s terms and benefits is crucial for successful implementation. Always ensure compliance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements when implementing any payment processing program.

What equipment options are there?

  • Deja Voo
  • Z8
  • Z11
  • Z9
  • Z9 WIFI

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