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You’ve discovered a fascinating way to make money online.
You don’t have to buy or store any products until you’ve made a sale. The business involves selling products as an associate for another company. You earn commissions on the products that you sell.

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The company is reputable, hundreds of people are earning money and you can recruit other sales associates and earn a commission on everything that they sell.

You’ve been approved, received the literature and sample case and are ready to go.

Unfortunately, your credit card processor denies your MLM merchant account because MLM, or multi-level marketing, companies are considered “high-risk.”


Many credit card processors won’t approve MLM associates regardless of how well the products sell or how well-regarded the products may be.

The reason for these unfavorable decisions involve the bad reputations that some MLM companies have earned over the years. The MLM business model is often described as a pyramid scheme.

MLM employs referral or network marketing where the most successful associates are those who recruit other salespeople and earn secondary commissions on all their sales and the sales of their recruits.

Some unscrupulous operators at the top of the chain earn millions of dollars while their distributors are left with chargebacks and limited incomes.

Disputes are common, and these are often complicated because associates come from many countries and tax jurisdictions.

Unlike traditional credit card processors, Blue Wave Merchant Solutions understands that there are many successful MLM companies in all industries.

We approve 95 percent of our multi-level marketing payment processing applicants quickly so that you can get started building a strong MLM business.

Why MLM Businesses Are Distrusted

Multi-level marketing credit card processing underwriters judge businesses based on proof that they’re creditworthy, legal and reputable.

Debatable business practices could result in credit card processors losing money if lots of customers demand refunds resulting in chargebacks.

The Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, charges that many MLM companies aren’t legitimate businesses but questionable pyramid schemes. [1] Pyramid schemes are illegal because most participants lose money.

If the money you make depends solely on recruiting other salespeople, it could be a scam.

Product Considerations in MLM

The success of MLM depends on the reputation of the sponsoring company and its products. Some MLM products are overpriced and deliver questionable value; some might even be unsafe.

In these cases, it’s easy to see why traditional banks shy away from MLM companies and refuse to process credit cards for them. Some MLM products enjoy a high demand, and their companies have strong reputations.

Some of the top-selling MLM companies in 2018 include these well-known names and products: [2]

  • Cosmetics such as those sold by Mary Kay Cosmetics
  • Gourmet cooking gadgets such as those sold by Pampered Chef
  • Avon, which has succeeded for many decades selling jewelry and cosmetics
  • Health and beauty supplies offered by Amway
  • Weight and nutrition management products by Herbalife
  • Essential oils by doTERRA International
  • Antiaging and wellness products by Nerium International

There are thousands of successful and legitimate companies selling products using the MLM model.

As a new recruit, you should evaluate any MLM company and its products carefully, research any complaints or disputes and read product reviews and reviews of the company’s business practices.

Doing your due diligence is something that every successful business owner does.

Distributors should be willing to answer your questions, provide documentation and explain how often customers return products and/or ask for refunds.

MLM Payment Processing Chargebacks Result in Being Labeled “High-Risk”

MLM payment processing works the same as other credit card processing, but the chargeback rates are often higher.

That means customers request refunds based on faulty products, misrepresentations or other reasons. Some chargebacks are caused by simple misunderstandings such as shipping errors.

That’s why it’s important to run your business professionally and provide strong customer service.

You can engage your customers with customer surveys and deliver electronic receipts to cultivate a professional image and prevent chargebacks.

Credit card processors not only lose money because of chargebacks but also face fines from the major credit cards companies like Visa and Mastercard when chargeback rates hit 2 percent. When chargebacks top 3 percent, credit processing is no longer profitable.

That’s why credit processing companies rate certain businesses as high-risk organizations.

Multi-level Marketing Credit Card Processing from Blue Wave Merchant Solutions

Getting an MLM merchant account isn’t that difficult at Blue Wave Merchant Solutions.

Business success is the best answer to questions about MLM payment processing–thousands of companies succeed spectacularly using this approach.

We offer a program of chargeback mitigation that can reduce your rate using dispute resolution. It’s always better to resolve disagreements cordially when dealing with customers.

Many customers and business associates are favorably impressed when you address their complaints promptly. You could gain a loyal customer or a sales associate that earns you commissions for many years.

Your business career isn’t over just because you’ve been identified as a high-risk applicant. Our team of business experts can help you with sound advice, advanced processing technology and strong industry relationships that foster success.

You can get approved for a multi-level marketing payment processing account in only one or two days. APPLY NOW for MLM credit card processing at Blue Wave Merchant Solutions.


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[2] Ranking the top 25 MLM’s of 2018

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