As a business owner, hearing that you are considered a high-risk merchant can be shocking. Typically, you will not find out that you are considered a high-risk merchant until you try to enlist merchant services and are denied.

Why Were You Denied Merchant Services?

In many cases when you are denied services, the denial will tell you that you are designated a high-risk business, which in some cases still is not a clear answer. Understanding what makes you a high-risk business can help you to understand why you are denied. It may be that:

  • Your business has had quite a few charge backs in the past
  • That your business was identified as fraudulent
  • The products or services that you provide are considered risky
  • Where you do business can also be considered a risk

Once you have been denied merchant services because you are a high-risk merchant it can be quite a blow to your business. You need trusted merchant services to continue to take credit card payments.

Explain It!

It is okay if you have been designated high-risk because the right company will let you explain your business and help you get the services that you need to keep doing business. There are options out there that are built just for your type of business. You may have to provide additional information to enlist the services of a company that provides high-risk merchant services, but it is well worth the additional effort to be able to accept credit card payments.

Know Where to Go

Blue Wave Merchant Solutions is the place to turn when you are considered high-risk. They have services that are built specifically for businesses that find challenges being accepted by traditional merchant processing companies. They can help you like they have helped other businesses just like yours!

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