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Blue Wave Merchant Solutions offers you the easiest, fastest, and most painless way to set up your High-Risk Merchant Account with the best possible rate, no matter who you are or what your business is.

Unleash the Potential of Your High-Risk Business

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We Are Experts in High Risk Payment Processing

Blue Wave Merchant Solutions is a leading provider of high-risk payment processing solutions, specializing in setting up high risk merchant accounts and payment gateways for businesses in need of credit card processing. We understand that businesses categorized as high-risk face unique challenges when it comes to processing payments, including limited access to traditional credit card processing options and increased potential for chargebacks.

Our high-risk merchant account services are designed to help you avoid costly issues, including chargebacks, fraud, and other risks associated with high-risk businesses. We offer fast and efficient payment processing solutions, so you can focus on growing your business without worrying about payment processing or credit issues. With Blue Wave Merchant Solutions, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.


Our Services

Smart Payment Solutions for Your Business

High-Risk Merchant Services

Tailored solutions for businesses facing unique challenges in payment processing.

Cash Discount / Dual Pricing

Offering cost-effective payment options to customers while reducing processing fees.

Chargeback Prevention

Seamless and secure payment solutions for businesses on the go, in-store, or online.

Payment Gateways

Streamlining payment processing with efficient and reliable gateway solutions..

ACH / Check Acceptance

Accepting electronic checks and ACH payments for added convenience.


Enhancing transaction security with 3D Secure technology for online payments.

At Blue Wave Merchant Solutions, we provide cutting-edge payment solutions designed to meet the unique needs of high-risk industries. Explore our range of services tailored to elevate your payment processing experience.

Working Process

Streamlined Payment Solutions for Your Business

Payment Solutions

Discover how our payment solutions can simplify your business operations, increase efficiency, and boost your bottom line.

Grow Your Business

Grow your business with our payment processing solutions designed to help you reach new heights.

Connect To Customers

Stay connected with your customers through our secure and convenient payment methods.


Your Guide to Seamless Payment Solutions

Explore How Blue Wave Merchant Solutions Can Transform Your Payment Experience

Welcome to Blue Wave Merchant Solutions, where your journey to effortless payment solutions begins. We will walk you through how we can help streamline your payment processing, reduce risk, and improve your businesses financial well-being. Discover how we can transform the way you do business and make payments easier than ever before. Learn more about the Blue Wave Merchant Solutions advantage.

Client Reviews

Amazing Response from our clients

At Blue Wave Merchant Solutions, we take pride in delivering exceptional service and solutions to our clients. Hear what they have to say about their experiences with us. Their feedback reflects our commitment to providing top-notch payment processing services that help businesses thrive. Read on to discover the success stories of our satisfied clients.


"Blue Wave Merchant Solutions has been a game-changer for our industry. Their secure transactions and expert advice have been invaluable."

Miley Houdson

CEO, Weblite Services

Portrait Of Female Owner Of Fashion Store Using Digital Tablet To Check Stock In Clothing Store

Our high-risk business couldn't be happier with Blue Wave Merchant Solutions. Their quick approvals and tailored solutions have made a world of difference."

Kelley Modina

CEO, Houston

Our Partners

Trusted by 2,000+ world-class brands of all sizes


We Offer Credit Card Processing for Hard to Approve Merchants

Our high risk merchant services can be set up quickly, so your business doesn’t skip a beat.

We understand you perfectly

At Blue Wave Merchant Solutions, we understand how it feels to be considered a high risk business. This is why we provide high risk merchant accounts and payment gateways to those companies that find themselves in this type of situation.

Our high risk merchant services can be set up quickly, so your business doesn’t skip a beat. We don’t want your business to suffer due to being classified as a high risk business. On the contrary, we want you to thrive. This is why we pride ourselves in being one of the best high risk merchant account providers.

Our industry-leading solutions allow your company to continue with business as usual while we handle setting up your high risk merchant account processing and get your business making money before you know it.

Why Apply for a High Risk Merchant Account Through Blue Wave

If you are considering a high-risk merchant account, you should consider applying through Blue Wave Merchant Solutions for a number of different reasons. Working with Blue Wave Merchant Solutions can deliver a number of huge advantages when it comes to a fast application process, high approval ratios, fully integrated payment gateways and more.

Here are some of the top advantages that you can receive by working with Blue Wave Merchant Solutions for your high-risk merchant account.

Fast Approval

Blue Wave Merchant Solutions offers a proven platform for high-risk merchant accounts. We can provide approvals to high-risk or medium-risk businesses within 24 hours. Get your business up and running with a payment processing solution fast. We provide approval to over 95% of those that apply so it is very little risk to try!

Great Customer Service

Our high risk merchant account customer support can deliver ongoing assistance with your payment processing needs. Through offering attentive customer service we can deliver the answers when you need them.

Reliable Security

Security is also a very big part of our business. With our advanced team of industry experts, we can also provide extremely flexible services for our clients. With the ability to fully customize services to your needs and to your business model directly, you can get the most competitive rates and ensure that your payment processing solution matches with your business model.

Reasonable Merchant Account Fees

Our company deals with some of the largest financial institutions to find reasonable merchant account fees for your high-risk merchant account. We can identify the solutions which will be best for your brand. Working with banks that can save you money on payment processing merchant account fees is Blue Wave Merchant Solutions’ main priority.

Hands-On Consulting

As well as a commitment to helping our clients achieve award winning payment processing services, we work with merchants to provide ongoing and personalized consulting with their business. We can help to make sure that you are staying on track with your business model and adhering to the standards of your brand.

Grow Your Business with Ease

With reliable payment processing featuring secure standards outlined by the top credit card companies, we can deliver reliable payment processing for your business. No matter what industry you are in, our high-risk specialists can help you to grow your business by finally offering dependable payment processing solutions. Take your business online, internationally or receive a retail terminal for your physical retail location.

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